Artem Sviridov

Computer Engineer


Work Experience

University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

Undergraduate Research Assistant
April 2016 - September 2016

Used C++ to implement a DNA analysis algorithm for finding genetic patterns by modifying and improving the existing bedtools2 suit of programs to analyze its histogram output in order to note genetic patterns.

FIRST Robotics Competition Teams 5329 & 7652

January 2015 - Present

Mentor a high school robotics program to successfully compete at the FIRST Robotics Competition by educating, organizing and guiding students to creating a sustainable and successful long term program.

University of Miami, Department of Physics

Undergraduate Research Assistant
August 2017 - Present

Using C++, Python and the TensorFlow library to implement a convolutional neural network in order to analyze and classify behavior of flies. Using Arduinos to create and control an apparatus to allow manipulation of environments needed for gathering data. Design, test and implement hardware equipment used to conduct experiments

Other Activities

  • Volunteer Speaker
  • University of Miami Debate Team
    • Treasurer
      2018 ACC Debate Champion
  • Volunteer Educator for Miami Dade Urban Debate League


BSc Computer Engineering

University of Miami
2015 - 2020
Took courses in programming data structures, algorithms, operating systems and processor design, circuit theory, electronics, signals and systems.

BSc Physics

University of Miami
2015 - 2020
Actively engaged with research in bio-physics, took Physics through to advanced electromagnetism.

Professional Skills

Top Skills


Experience with a number of Python projects including WIE and AirSimWorld. Experience with developing using the Django framework and Tensorflow.


Took a number of classes in C/C++ and worked on a number of applications including operating system design, research and micro-controller programming.


Experience of using and managing Unix systems. Includes using linux servers to manage nginx, apache2, FTP and PPTP instances.

Other Skills

Java PHP C# Javascript Git
MySQL AWS Arduino RaspberryPi Verilog
VHDL HTML5 Russian Spoken/Written Communication


Dr. Stephen Murrell
Dr. Murrell is a professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Miami who teaches programming in C/C++ including Data Structures, Algorithms and Operating Systems.

Dr. Nigel John
Dr. John is a professor of Computer Engineering at the University of Miami who teaches programming and cyber security. He was the faculty advisor for our Senior Project (Wireless Individual Encryption).

Dr. Sheyum Syed
Dr. Syed is a professor of Physics at the University of Miami who specializes in researching bio-physics. He is the principal investigator in the lab that I work in at the Department of Physics.

David Steinberg
David Steinberg is the Director of Debate at the University of Miami. I was part of his team for 4 years where I am a senior member.


Wireless Individual Encryption (WIE)

Wireless Individual Encryption tackles two main problems present with public WiFi networks. First, it creates a system of verification for wifi networks that prevents man-in-the-middle attacks whereby an attacker can “spoof” a trusted wifi networks which can be used to trick devices into connecting to an attackers network rather than the desired one. Second, it introduces encryption to previously unsecured networks that prevent an attacker from being able to intercept communication between the client and the network.


AirSimWorld is an online Airline Tycoon Business Simulator that tries to accurately emulate what it would be like to run a real airline. The goal is to give player a choice to run the most RyanAir-esque, no frills, bringing your arms on board costs extra airline, to the most prestigious gulf carriers, or anything in between. Players can run a hub-and-spoke airline, relying on connections at their hubs to give them traffic, or a point to point model. The choice is theirs!